Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sadness is a Mountain

Sadness is a mountain
The cliffs, the crevasses, the rocks
You are launched into a long adventure
Like a boat departing from the docks

There are times when it seems possible
The lush grass and prairie flowers
But then other times when the rocks form a cliff
And the heavens decide to send down showers

You never knows what you are going to find
A ray of sunshine on a stormy day
Yet most of the time it seems like a wall
Like being miles away from the bay

The wall blocks out the sun
And the snow is all around
You forget what happiness feels like
A person who has been last yet never found

You mourn the life you had before
When the mountain hadn't even crossed your mind
The memories haunt your day and night
Like a man whose eyes became blind

Your heart aches for the day when you reach the top
And can squint to see the end
Your journey is only half way done
Yet your life is on the mend

Until then you have to keep going
Even though the mountain seems to loom above
You have to tell yourself the pain will decrease
And in the end, the hurt is worth the love

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