Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Surprise Insight

My friend wrote a free verse poem for me a while back, and I wanted to share it on here. She has never gone through loss like this so I was incredibly surprised by her insight into what grief is really like. Not many people have wisdom like this.

The New Reality
Loss grips your stomach and ties it into knots no one can untie.
Loss, of a loved one, is an evil spark that eats at all of who you are,
Consumes the life you thought you knew.
Loss is all you think about and all you want to forget.
No longer is the sun bright or the joke funny,
Everything is dull.
Life seemed to fall apart at your feet into sad little crumbs,
In one disgustingly unbelievable moment.
Worse than the drop off a rollercoaster,
As your gut slides into your throat.
Worse than a heartburn that cripples, and sends you to your knees.
Questions that weren’t needed before drown a once-free mind.
So much change, so much pain.
Loss shuts you down—logic is no longer a consideration, and
Laughter no long a friend.
The joys of others make you angry and God becomes a fool.
Loss is the new reality; life without them isn’t life at all.
Facing the truth is walking into a cold, wet cell and turning off the sun forever.
Dear friend, don’t steal the key—
Give it to someone you trust, so that when the time is right,
And faith has untied those once unbearable knots,
You may be let out into the sun.
And it will be brightly shining on your beautiful face as you laugh, finally,
And return to your once-foolish God.
-Megan Pierce

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